Bold Token / Coin Swap Page

Swap Instructions

  • Download the new BOLD wallet here.
  • Send the tokens you wish to swap to the following swap address:


    Ensure to save the transaction id for this transaction
  • From the newly downloaded Bold wallet, note the address - this will be where your swapped coins will be sent to.
  • In the form below, enter your Bold Token address, the transaction ID you received when you sent your tokens to the swap address, the amount of tokens you sent and your new Bold Coin address. All fields are mandatory.
  • Once your transfer of tokens to the swap address is validated, the equivalent amount in the new BOLD coins will be sent to the coin address you provided. Upon successful validation, you should receive your swapped coins within 24 hours from when you fill and submit the form below.
  • Swaps will be made using a 1:1 ratio.
  • Token swaps to validated users will be made within 24 hrs after swap data submission - so please wait until this period expires before sending queries about not receiving swapped coins in the #token-swap channel on the BOLD Discord server.
  • You can check the status of your swap here
All fields are required

Thank you for registering for the BOLD token airdrop.

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You can also track airdrop progress here