BOLD transitions into a Privacy Coin

We at Team BOLD have felt for a while now, especially after getting feedback from the community, that the time has come for the BOLD brand to gain more mainstream adoption, and grow stronger - and there is no doubt in our minds that a mined coin in today's cryptocurrency space, combined with the right features, make for a more attractive option for its community. Subsequently, BOLD is making a transition into a mined coin, with full privacy features and maintaining its key feature of a very low supply.

The coin features:

For more information on the new BOLD coin, please visit

Existing BOLD Token Holders

Existing BOLD token holders will be able to swap their tokens for the new coin at a 1:1 ratio. A system to facilitate this swap has been put in place, and token holders can use this here. Token holders will need to download the wallet for the new coin, send their tokens to a specified swap address, and their new coin address, and enter the details of that transaction on the swap page above. They should then receive the equivalent amount in the new coin(upon successful validation of that transaction) within 24 hours of submitting their swap details.

Please visit for more details on the swap process. You can stop by at the #token_swap channel of our Discord server at